Why I Won’t Discuss Personal Things Anymore On My Blog

Here are a few reasons I won’t be ever sharing personal matters on my blog or on Instagram again:

1. Some people get jealous – very insecure and competitive…for reasons that are both understandable and not. And, there’s no effective way to make them stop and go away (other than cloistering yourself or leaving).

2. Some people have a hard time not projecting their own prejudices and preconceived ideas into tone and intent.

3. Others don’t often actually care but are nosey and waiting for you to do something that’ll make them feel better about themselves.

4. If people do become emotionally involved it’s often to compare your life, choices, experiences, money, brains, etc. to theirs. They just want to find another way to pick themselves apart or to pick you apart to make themselves feel better.

5. Most people don’t read everything you write but skim through it and so miss important points. (I do understand that people are busy but it’s still frustrating, especially if they become irrationally angry because they misunderstood.)

6. People don’t see innocence or vulnerability unless they’re another good person or a bully. It’s not worth it to take the chances.

7. A lot of people aren’t capable of understanding things that have deep meaning, deep emotion or they lack empathy.

8. It’s often boring to other people to talk about yourself.

9. I actually like privacy but was naive enough to think if I reached out people would reach back (meaning open up and connect positively) online. Nope! Not many at all for me through blogging and not enough to make me keep going with it on Instagram anymore (Instagram has changed for the worse). Although, again, very thankfully on Instagram there was a truly positive and lovely overall community that used to and still sort of exists…

10. And again (I’m restating things here) a lot of people don’t have much humility, overestimate themselves in almost every area and will be incapable of being truly empathetic or self aware enough to handle what they’ve read. They’ll just find a way to validate their worst views of you and their highest opinions of themselves. Or they’ll just go straight to their other tendency of self-loathing and self-focus and forget you said you had problems too.

So, that’s why we can’t have nice things kids. (Like being open and “getting real” online) This will be my last personal post ever. Sorry.