I thought some of you who don’t hate me might find this post funny and ironic. Snob was released by Le Galion in 1952 and then rereleased (and reformulated) in 2014.

This is a travel size bottle of the old formula. And I love it. Figures right?! 😂☺️Ha!

The current formulation lists rose as a middle note and I definitely detect rose. I also smell a funky saffron infused jasmine, a subtle apple, and a hearty orange blossom mixed with bergamot.

It’s actually a fascinating fragrance. It’s edgy and exotic but also elegant and somewhat refined. That rose note is especially intriguing. It’s very prominent and it’s somewhat prim but the saffron dances around it. And the musky, amber, sandalwood tinged base is a contrast.

But there’s a lot of dramatic and enjoyable contrast with this fragrance. And actually, if you added oud this 1952 version would smell a lot like a Tom Ford contemporary.

I really like it a lot.

Nose (for the 1952 version): Paul Vacher