Jean Marie Farina Extra Vielle

Utterly delightful on a hot day, the classic Jean Marie Farina Extra Vielle (Roger et Gallet 1806) is olfactory refreshment. The citrus is present and bright but also so refined and herbal that it’s more like a cool drink of mineral water than the bright burst of lemon. Again, it’s wonderful. Of course, I think I’m smelling lavender but it’s likely a combination of petitgrain, neroli and cedar instead? Or maybe it’s the rosemary and petitgrain? At any rate, it’s as soothing as lavender and as elegant too. Of course, it’s not all that strong and only a faint hint is left for very long but on a day like today that’s just fine. More than fine. It’s lovely.

Top notes: bergamot, amalfi lemon, orange and mandarin orange. Middle notes: petitgrain, carnation, neroli, rosemary and rose. Base notes: clove, myrtle, cedar, sandalwood, musk, white amber and vetiver.