It Never Ceases…

I just received a very hateful message on Instagram.  This person wrote a scathing message calling me arrogant and claimed that I likely either am secretly poor, ugly, have a husband who is on drugs, a child who is “retarded” and a delusional disorder or that I need to stop bragging about my family if I’m not just crazy.


Aside from blocking someone like that there’s not much I can do.

But I’m sure there are others like them lingering about who just don’t openly write messages in dm form or anonymous comments on my blog (they no longer can comment on here).  Although they may not be quite as passionate about their feelings as this individual was.

So, just to be clear (although if you want to believe something you likely still will find some way to do so): I am not lying. Aside from glossing over my marital problems a few years ago at the time on my blog I’ve been pretty clear and authentic.   I also tried to be much more open about my marriage after that and I have been. Maybe too honest actually…  I know some people are dishonest on social media but I’m not one of those people.  Have I been 100% truthful?  Probably not.  But I do try to be truthful and what you see is pretty much what you get.

My husband is not “on drugs” thankfully.  He doesn’t do drugs, smoke or drink alcohol. Actually he hasn’t drank alcohol for over seven years…  And the only drugs he’s ever done are mushrooms and pot. He tried mushrooms once in college in Amsterdam. And he smoked pot a handful of times in college and in his 20’s. …He does drink coffee though.  Haha…  Is that what they meant?  <rolling eyes because I know they meant something else>  We’re not poor thankfully…  My son is actually gifted to the point that he gets bored in class and we’ve had to find a school that allows for that because he tends to get hyper out of boredom.  I don’t share his photo to protect him not because I’m hiding him. 🤦🏼‍♀️ …Honestly, that this person attacked my son is despicable.  There’s no excuse for that!

Ummm…  You can think I’m ugly if you want of course?  <shrugs shoulders> I don’t think I am and frankly that’s not something people generally have told me (and not just because they’re being polite).

I did once start hallucinating out of severe exhaustion when I lived in Seattle.  I had just had a double corneal abrasion (I was cleaning the bathroom and accidentally sprayed Lysol in my contact case), had three impacted wisdom teeth removed and was taking care of a sick son all within a matter of a few weeks.  And Seattle was almost always cloudy when we were there too.   …And our neighborhood never slept. After a while it affected my sleep to the point of a medical problem…  (it’s actually kind of funny to me now though 😂)…    But I do not have any mental illnesses that I have been diagnosed with other than depression, and ptsd in my early 20’s from a traumatic event years ago I believe I’ve recovered from almost entirely, and those diagnoses have not caused me to have any delusional issues, thankfully.  Although I do still occasionally get depressed with lots of exhaustion, stress or etc….  But I do not have a delusional disorder.   I am in touch with reality and am healthy in how I present that.

Really, I do try to be honest.  And I would say that I’m honest all the time, but that’s almost impossible to do and be polite or maintain some privacy or etc. at the same time. 🤗


I will say that I can sort of relate to what this person said a little though, in that there is a lot of dishonesty on social media.  People do lie about what they own.  Or they lie about its authenticity.  Its worth…   Sometimes people shade the truth or totally fabricate stories to keep up appearances or compete.  Or they just gloss over things physical, material, or otherwise to make them look prettier than they are for some reason.  At times it can be weird.   Other times it can be funny.   And sometimes it’s sad…   Occasionally it’s irritating.  But, I think that despite that, it’s important to a. not fall into that pattern yourself and b. to not assume that others are making things up just because you feel some sort of envy about that something they have that you don’t have…or because you find reality too upsetting to deal with in some way.