Lastly… What I Did

Someone was wondering what exactly I have done with my life. And I think they mean, what have I done as far as achievements.

Let’s see… Well, I’ll start with college, I guess.

I went to a well established old Midwestern university as a part of their honors program for a year and did well. I took private viola lessons, participated in school government in a leadership position (I focused on recycling), and tried to start a historic preservation society on campus… (one of my many passions) My gpa was decent there (I took a full course load). But, it wasn’t my dream school and I longed to establish my independence so I went to a top-ranked private college in the Northeastern U.S. for four years (although it wasn’t as good as Vassar or Middlebury) and while there was the President of the College Democrats, a leader in an international human rights organization, worked part-time at the school library and took four years of full course loads. And I made lots of friends. BUT I was constantly exhausted and coffee helped but didn’t help enough… And nobody could figure out how to help me there, even though they tried. I grew more depressed and more exhausted and so I eventually was told to go home by the school administration without finishing my undergraduate degree. Very bad!

…I went home. Then I managed to be accepted at a university in the UK with the help of my college advisor and a lovely European acquaintance who knew a lot about how to apply to foreign institutions. Actually, she did that for a living…

(But I met Mark and didn’t go)

Anyway. I’ve also volunteered for a few political campaigns. I’ve done some canvassing… And I’ve organized non-political fundraisers, etc. etc.

I’m a decent violist. For a while I contemplated playing professionally and according to my private viola teacher at the time I had a chance (and she knew as she had played for prestigious, internationally acclaimed musical groups) But it wasn’t for me. I still do play though… And someday I’d like to be a part of a music ensemble again. I’ve been in several orchestras, etc.

I play the piano. I had lessons for six years starting at age 4. I’m not too bad at it…

Hmm… I’ve worked at coffee shops, libraries (including a law school library)… Umm…

I’m currently trying to slowly work towards establishing myself as an antique dealer. But my main focus is on raising two healthy and happy people and on developing better relationships with friends, my husband and family….

I’d like to finish a PhD someday. And as my kids grow I plan to. I also want to publish a novel (at least), even if I have to self publish.

I have many other hobbies, like collecting, researching, reading, this blog, painting, analyzing perfume and needlepoint. I love to knit sometimes too. I have lots of little hobbies… I enjoy gardening. Sewing. Attempting gourmet cooking… That’s all I can quickly think of.

<shrugging shoulders>

I suppose there are other accomplishments too but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. And frankly even if some of them are “impressive” what’s the big deal? Oh! I was interviewed by CNN once about a US Presidential debate because I was the President of the College Democrats. And I’ve been interviewed by local tv a few times too… And I’ve written letters to local newspaper editors on behalf of candidates (that were published). But it’s silly to make a big deal about stuff like that…

<shrugs again>

I’ve traveled. Internationally… I’ve been to almost every state in the US. I ski fairly well both downhill and cross country. I can figure skate (I took lessons growing up). I like golf and tennis, although I’m not great at them. I enjoy running although I’ve not done a marathon and likely never will…

I’ve tried rowing but sadly have never gone sailing… A friend in college was great at rowing and a friend in high school sailed.

…I fish! I can even clean fish.

I love the arts. Passionately…