Oh man. I keep thinking I should find another niche I can love and buy to expand my horizons.

I’ve tried so many over the years. And there are many I like. There are even some I like a lot. But it’s rare that I find one I want to actually purchase.

The closest niche fragrance houses I’ve ever considered buying from other than Krigler (and maybe one of two others depending on what you consider niche) are Amouage, Papillon Artisan, Frederic Malle and J. F. Schwarzlose. And honestly, I might even buy something from J. F. Schwarzlose… But I also need to investigate a few other niche houses.

Still <sigh> I just can’t bring myself to buy and wear most of them. Most of them seem too sweet on me, too synthetic or they go sour. My husband actually smelled an Andy Tauer on me once and asked sincerely if it had “gone bad.”

It’s a shame but it’s true: My skin chemistry doesn’t do well with most contemporary niche fragrances.


It’s so odd too. I can almost imagine how the best or better niche fragrances (other than those I purchased) must smell on some other people because at times there’s a faint hint of something delicate, or opulent or playful and I can see how if that predominated it’d be very nice. But…it rarely does on my skin. I truly usually smell like an expensive air freshener and in the worst case I smell like a Glade plug-in (or not even that good).

I am going to keep searching though. And like I’ve said, I do really like Krigler and J.F. Schwarzlose… But until I find my other niche house (maybe Schwarzlose?), I’m going to love my vintages, the few contemporary designer houses I can enjoy and the few niche houses I also appreciate on my skin (as mentioned).