Niche: Part II

Soo…I bought a bottle of J. F. Schwarzlose Rausch and a couple of samples. I wasn’t going to buy anything until 2019 but frankly my pregnancy is “getting to me.” I know I’ll buy my vintage Fleurissimo, Vol de Nuit and Liu for certain in 2019. And I bet I might buy vintage L’Heure Bleue too. But…as much as I don’t generally like niche I have been ready for something different lately and I really do like J. F. Schwarzlose. I bought another sample from them to try and we’ll see… I might buy more bottles eventually.

Actually, I might have purchased a bottle of J. F. Schwarzlose sooner but they didn’t sell them in the US until recently I don’t think? I recall looking for them over a year ago and I couldn’t find them being sold here. So, it’s lovely to be able to buy one now.

Anyway…I think I’ve found another niche house. Intriguingly, my two favorite niche houses are both German.

But…does Penhaligon’s count as niche? What about Creed? Or what about the current Houbigant fragrances? I have a decent collection of vintage Houbigant that I really enjoy but I wonder if their current scents are now considered niche? Hmm… I like those houses too!

I’m excited to add a touch more variety to my collection!