Sometimes I get asked “interesting” questions on Instagram. Lately, those questions have been fewer and farther between but I was asked a few questions pertaining to what I’ve written on this blog lately and I thought I’d share them publicly just in case others wondered too. I know who asked them won’t mind.

Question: What kind of surgeon was your aunt’s brother-in-law?

Answer: Unfortunately I don’t recall the exact kind of surgeon he was for certain, but I do know that he worked with a team in the NFL (American football) on the West Coast as one of their preferred surgeons in his last few years. I think he was considered one of the top surgeons, at least in the US if not internationally, in his area of expertise. I don’t think he specialized in sports medicine though. I believe he was an orthopedic surgeon??? Sorry I don’t know more off-hand.

Question: Will your first cousin ever remarry?

Answer: I don’t know. If he does, in fact, get divorced, I presume it’s possible he might marry again? I’m sure there will be a decent number of ladies who will be interested but I’m also sure he’ll be very wise about it all.

Question: Why do you love perfume so much? Why do you collect it?

Answer: I see it as a form of art. And I collect it because I love wearing it, smelling it, the bottles, the history, and I dearly appreciate the thought and skill that went into creating each fragrance. It’s a hobby I’m passionate about!

Until later! ☺️