My People

I used the term “my people” in my last post. Apparently some don’t know that old term… Fair enough. It’s not commonly used these days by any means.

“My people” was slang for either your immediate family (parents specifically) or your extended family and/or relatives, I believe. I meant it in both ways in my last post. Make sense?

To further clarify, to me, family operates on various levels of depth and closeness. There are your relatives who may or may not feel like family, but are technically a part of your family either way. Those are your second cousins, first cousins once removed, third cousins, etc. Then there are your extended family members, which consist of your uncles, aunts, first cousins and to some degree your grandparents, although I think grandparents are closer to immediate family than the rest (even if they aren’t genuinely close to you). Then there’s your immediate family… One’s immediate family can either be the family one grew up with or the family one creates (partner, and/or children). But anyway, they’re all your family, but, again, they don’t all have the same levels of meaning, depth or closeness. Obviously, your immediate family is the absolute most meaningful, powerful in your life and the closest (not sadly always the same thing as being genuinely close).

*sigh* I hope people get my gist…

Now, all that being said, I LOVE family. I love the depth of both of my immediate families and the level of closeness we have. But I also love the rare beauty and true value of the shared something one has with extended family and relatives. I’m sure not all of my extended family and/or relatives have the same feelings on the matter, necessarily, but none-the-less we are a closer than average family on my mother’s side and on my father’s side there’s some sort of value placed on our connections that is also lovely.

…But truly, family is important. You can’t replace it. You might not always get along with everyone or agree with them but you can’t replace them. On a really close level like a spouse, parent or child it’s brutally clear how much people mean indeed. On a looser, extended level it’s…easier to be distant. And that’s not a bad thing necessarily. Truly. But…they’re still irreplaceable people. And, sometimes they can even be quite genuinely close to you.

From my post last night, my first cousin on my father’s side who is starting the business is someone who I’m excited for but also worried about. His father is helping him, but…even with his father being a talented and experienced businessman (And he truly is – I’m not exaggerating. My uncle’s company was featured in at least one well respected business journal within the last few years for how innovative it is.)…he’s relatively young (a few years younger than me) and starting and running a sustainable, growing and lucrative business is not at all easy. It just isn’t

Actually, my husband and I have a tiny business because it makes sense financially to have one (It’s nothing shady and it’s not direct marketing, so don’t assume otherwise. *rolling eyes*). We’ve had it for years now. But…starting a genuinely small business is obviously not the same thing as investing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) into a new venture. And I’m under the impression that my paternal first cousin’s business is the latter… He’s a tough cookie though, thankfully. He lost his mother to cancer a couple of years ago and one of his, then very young, children died in an accident around the same time. He’s also had serious health issues almost his whole life that he’s overcome. And I’m sure, with his dad’s help, he’ll make it work because that’s the way he is and it seems that sort of thing is his passion.

Anyway…suffice it to say, as someone who cares about family, I really do…care. Really. I mean, I’m even a little worried about my in-laws going to Antartica in the next few days. (They’ve made it a point to travel to all seven continents by the time my half-sister-in-law graduates from high school and this is the last stop.) Of course, they will take a safe route there I’m sure and it’ll likely be a well-guided visit (possibly a cruise?). I’m sure they’ll have a lovely, memorable time, but…one still easily worries about something like that if you care. It’s Antarctica. You know? One might worry if they care. Maybe you don’t know though? Haha… But I do care and sometimes I worry. I always have…

Oh well. Anyway… I hope everyone comes out on top of matters among my people and yours too.