…A Few Clarifications Yet Again

So, just because I know some people reading this blog who likely both admire and despise me will twist my words relentlessly, I need to quickly clarify a few things. Here we go:

A. I am not a “crazy Christian.” If you’re so ignorant and gullible that you truly believe there is only one type of Christian (in the US at least) please go away. I can’t explain enough to you right now to help you. I’m sorry.

B. My husband actually is just as smart as my first serious boyfriend. And he went to a little ivy in New York for college ( Union College in Schenectady, NY) where he graduated with honors. Then he successfully passed six actuarial tests followed by a seventh and has worked as an actuary for years and years (what he’s doing now). He’s not a compromise or step down.

And no, he doesn’t have a graduate degree, but good grief. Actuarial tests are wicked difficult my dears. And getting useless degrees doesn’t make you more sophisticated or more intelligent. Sometimes further formal education beyond an initial baccalaureate is lovely and necessary, even *obviously necessary* for certain professions. I’m not disparaging it at all in theory. I even plan to eventually earn a PhD myself in my 40’s. …But other times it’s just silly and means that what you truly know and learned is simply how to waste your time and money very well. …Anyway, all that to say, I’m not missing my first serious boyfriend for any shallow or deep reason (not that I’d consider myself a shallow person). I’m genuinely glad things didn’t work out in every possible way. Ok? *rolling eyes*

C. I was accepted at a university in Wales, in the UK that I was planning to attend when I met Mark. I wasn’t just sitting around waiting for my soulmate to arrive. I was resigned to possibly being a single working woman for an indefinite amount of time. And I had plans for my career. You can’t force love… It has to be real. You know? And, again, as much as I hated how my first serious boyfriend handled things I knew you couldn’t force such matters. So, I was still actively working towards a career in law or politics. I never stopped being fascinated by such things and I had put so much work into that direction that I just kept going with it… Even though my heart wasn’t in it.

D. Yes, my father really did give us a gift card for $300.00. Haha! It’s not that much by some standards (it’s not ridiculous or too much) but it is honestly generous. It was very kind of him. Truly!! Wasn’t it?

Until later loves…