Getting Mugged

I’ll return to perfume reviews. I promise. But first I have to share one semi funny recollection. (darkly funny to me anyway)

So, my first serious boyfriend was an economics and political science major (the ex I talked about recently). Or was it math and economics with a political science minor? Hmm… Either way it was economics, and at that time he was a passionate libertarian.

His favorite economist was Milton Friedman. And his ancestry was a mixture of Italian and English. So, at one point, when I was stupidly trying very hard to win his heart, I drew a picture of an Italian coastal scene and then bought what I believe was a first edition hardcover of a book by Milton Friedman.

He likely still even has both. Haha! I doubt he would have tossed either and considering he was almost already with (or actually already with) his then “friend” and eventual wife when I gave him the book and picture, I doubt she feels or felt any sort of threat from them. I was the one being made a fool of – he was in love with her.

But anyhow, I gave my little “love tokens” (*laughing mirthfully*) to him when he was living in Washington D.C. doing his internship. I was working at the college library and would take the train from Pennsylvania to D.C. to see him.

The first place he lived in in D.C. was in a horrible neighborhood. But he was very careful with his money and stubbornly refused to spend more than his budget allowed. He was blind to almost anything but the dollar amount of the apartment, and of course, Washington D.C. is one of the absolute most expensive areas in the US to live in. So, he lived in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood…

Well, I suppose if you grew up there and understood it the place might not have been that terrible. But my ex boyfriend had grown up in a town in Pennsylvania that wasn’t really rural, more suburban, but certainly was far enough from a big city, quaint and so safe that he was rather…unaware…of certain things. *laughing* I remember warning him that living there might be more complex and dangerous than he realized but he didn’t want to listen… To him, after all, I was just the girlfriend who lacked confidence. (*laughing ironically*)

Anyway, his internship was at Grover Norquist’s think tank. So, of course, my ex wore a well tailored three piece suit and carried a brief case. Even on a hot day in D.C. he insisted on wearing a nice suit. That was just him. He was a huge fan of the show “How I Met Your Mother” and Barney Stinson was one of his heroes (I hate that show by the way). He would sometimes quote the character with one saying in particular as a favorite: “Suit up!”

Well, and as he was likely one of the only white people in the poor D.C. neighborhood where he lived he stood out walking around in his three piece suit with his brief case. When he returned home and left in the morning he looked…very odd. And he always took public transit too… No taxis. (Uber wasn’t around yet.)

Well, one day, taking his usual route at his usual time, of course, a local young man decided to pull a gun on him. But, as he even later noted, the local young man likely thought he was in the neighborhood looking to score something and had a decent amount of cash on him. Actually, my ex also noted that the young man didn’t seem to want to actually hurt him so much as get what he wanted (money) and go.

But despite the relatively peaceful exchange my ex was incredibly shaken. So shaken that when he told his contact at the think tank what had happened he got a call from Grover Norquist himself to ask if he was ok, if he needed help and to reassure him.

He was stunned, even more impressed with Mr. Norquist and then he moved. Quickly.

…And intriguingly enough, I recall thinking I would have a hard time marrying someone who would stubbornly put themselves in that sort of situation. (I should have taken more offense to the fact that he totally ignored and dismissed me when I expressed my concerns.) Even though I loved him I did have qualms about things. And I should have listened to myself more in that way…

Indeed, always listen to your gut my friends… Right? Little red flags should not be ignored. And, either way, sometimes you can learn a lot of from people who hurt you. Like trusting yourself more.

Anyway, I had to share that recollection.