As I often say at moments like this, “Here is a 1960’s green floral aldehyde.” (D’Orsay 1935 & 1960’s). And of course that commentary often elicits questions like, “What do you mean by 1960’s green floral?”

Good question. Well

I wish I knew more about the history of the perfume enough to know the exact sources and chemical makeup of this particular vintage fragrance… I know a bit, but not enough to say “In the late 60’s the better perfumers often sourced their jasmine (and etc.) from here. And as was popular back then ____ (list) was the exact makeup of this composition.”


I hope to know that much sooner than later. That sort of depth and (potentially) intricate knowledge about most notes and the way they work together is what distinguishes the collector and amateur connoisseur from the true expert, in my opinion. You must know all that and so much more… I’m working on being there…

BUT I can say that I’ve tried enough 1960’s green floral aldehydes to know that there is something similar about many, if not all, of them. The most classic examples being Guerlain Chamade and Balmain Miss Balmain.

Actually, Voulez-Vous reminds me a lot of Miss Balmain. And I know enough to believe that that must have something to do with the notes in common of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and aldehydes.

Indeed, it’s actually Miss Balmain with a slightly more mature, edgier and less frolicking persona. And while Miss Balmain is a lovely day fragrance Voulez-Vous is perhaps a better choice for night.

It’s heady, deep and perfectly vintage in its animalic, earthy sensuality. This is not a “polite” fragrance you wood ever see mass marketed today. Period. But that’s why I like it… It’s feisty, sexy and yet fun.

Notes: jasmine, galbanum, lily-of-the-valley, and sandalwood.