…One More On Rand


I laid down for a brief but needed nap and then woke up and it hit me that I needed to add a quick caveat. I bet I could find more if I thought about it, but one exception to the general idea that altruism is false is in regard to love (in all forms as discussed by C.S. Lewis). But, if I really go down this bunny trail I’d also have to further contend that that’s into the realm of existence touched by God (hence the reference to Lewis) and therefore matters become mind boggling tricky. AND I did mean it when I said that you have to siphon through her ideology and not just accept it all absolutely as the ultimate of truth.

Really though, I think you could say that it’s still in rational self interest to love people, sacrifice yourself for them (or at times for a cause, etc.) and that ironically even true love is covered in Objectivism. However, I think a person should sacrifice without self interest at heart or in mind out of principle, for the sake of meaning and to be sincere. And I think that it is possible despite what Rand claims, although it’s likely to be done so very imperfectly and incompletely (hence the need for Christ).

*Sigh* I could talk about this for days… Sorry.