Getting back to my post about style…

About four years ago my husband told me he wanted to buy me a nice watch. So, for my birthday that year he bought me a vintage ladies Cartier Tank. I adored it and still do. It was serviced by Cartier and is in great condition. Previous to that I had bought a (Swiss) vintage watch by Schiaparelli and after being serviced at a good watch repair/sales store it too is in good condition.

In college I wore a Fossil watch that I loved, but the battery died and I never replaced it. In high school I wore a watch by a maker I don’t recall that I bought in the jewelry department at J.C. Penny’s. And I’ve had other watches over the years that I don’t entirely recall at this moment…

I’ve always liked watches. They often lend a nice touch to most outfits.

The thing is though, watches are often bumped around and experience so much other wear that one can easily worry about how long they’ll endure. And in the case of my two vintage watches I don’t want to risk damaging them. *quick grimace*

*thinking face*

So, it’s time to invest in something of an economically prudent workhorse, so to speak. And, I have a few brands in mind. They are:

1. Fossil (again) because they are made well and are fairly stylish too. The watch I had in college could be fixed if I just replaced the battery and I wore that watch almost everyday. I also frequently dropped it for some reason.

2. Linjer is a Scandinavian brand that uses quality materials but is so unknown that they can afford to charge their customers less. I need to research them more though to make sure they stand up to time since it’s a fairly new company.

3. Daniel Wellington makes chic watches that seemingly are also of a high quality for under $200.00. I bet you’ve seen them a lot on Instagram and there’s a good reason for that.

4. Lugano by Larsson and Jennings is another sleek choice that’s relatively inexpensive (although it costs more than the others). It’s also Swiss made.

So, sometime in the next year I’ll likely take my funds and find my workhorse watch. There’s no sense in possibly damaging my others and it’ll be fun to do more research. But which would you pick? Or perhaps you have one of these already (I have seen a few on Instagram after all).