There Will Always Be An England

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever shared about how I came to be such an Anglophile. And it’s silly because this blog is devoted to that ultimately.

Well, to start, I believe some things are profoundly implanted within our souls. As a Christian I can’t do anything but ponder it lightly, but I do wonder occasionally if reincarnation is possible. Could it even just be science somehow and not so much a religious phenomena? *sigh* Only God knows. Ha! But truly, I do believe, of course, that God could technically use reincarnation if He wanted… But either way and regardless, I do think our souls have deep predilections waiting to be noted in time.

And, I feel very deeply connected to the UK.

It’s hard to pinpoint when I fully discovered and realized this about myself although I can remember moments when I felt it first. One was when my father used to watch old Sherlock Holmes films. I’d see Victorian England as depicted on screen and feel the cold hardness of the soot covered streets and the warmth of the softly lit interiors. Or the elegance, glamor and cozy charm of London during the Edwardian era in a children’s book named Piggins. It was also the stoic charm of British explorers discovering some undocumented species of foliage or bird in old documentaries and films about the Brits traveling abroad around the world. And even Indiana Jones (not even English), for some odd reason, evoked feelings for me, as did the snippets of The English Patient I was allowed to see in childhood. Then years later I’d read about old country houses and brave children (around my age at the time) in England during WWII in The Chronicles of Narnia. The moments are almost endless and too numerous to list.

At any rate, by age 12 I knew I had to at least travel to the UK if not live there. And, as the song goes, I knew it would go on without me, which was comforting and lovely, but my life would be much more sad if I never saw it in person.

Before I left UND (my first university) I had plans to live abroad in London for a year (and possibly join Tri Delta as they seemed very keen to pledge me). Then at Messiah I had similar hopes. And after Messiah College I had actual plans involving acceptance at a school in Wales (I’ve said this a million times). Ha!

But, for better or worse what actually happened was a month long vacation with Mark instead and the prospect of possibly living there… As an actuary he’s able to live internationally. And, we still might. The only thing keeping us back are worries about safety both there and, in essence, here in the US. You see, we’d have to leave our home unattended for a long period of time and that’s problematic of course. But we’ll figure something out…if only just to take another long vacation.

But truly, I almost would want to be buried there someday when I’m very old and pass away. I’m not sure why and I might change my mind of course, but I truly love that country dearly.