The Details

I realized today that I need to clarify something after my admission to trying to aggravate people I found obnoxious. As I said, I had hoped to make them angry and also get them to stop bothering me with their (often inane) attempts to attack me, as they had been doing for years and as it had become worse in the last two years or so. But, as I said, it didn’t work. *laughing* People simply doubled down and became more unkind, determined to prove themselves superior, copy me and compete, started insisting more that I was lying about what I have or who I am or etc.. It was pointless in so far as achieving what I had wanted and just made life online more unpleasant. And at this point I’ve given up on my little experiment, so to speak. Ha!

But what I need to clarify is that while I now am sharing details that some could consider bragging I am not, in fact, trying to brag. The one thing I realized while I was trying to share more intentionally is that I wasn’t really hiding anything before. I was taught to be careful about how one shares about one’s blessings and I have generally always been overly cautious to share anything people could perceive as bragging. But it only served to provide a false sense of privacy. People who are curious or perceptive enough (and more of them exist than I thought, I guess) will notice one way or another and, of course, some of those folks will attack you if they are jealous or hateful. There’s not much you can do… So, I will continue sharing some things I wouldn’t have in the past because there are details, especially about vintages, that while possibly status markers for the owner are also fascinating (at least to me) from a collector’s viewpoint. Or I might share something else if I just think it’s fun to share for whatever other reason. *shrugs*

See you around dearies.