Katharine Hepburn

As someone who’s trying to be a decent writer I often worry about the tone of my writing. Or more accurately, I worry about the personality of my words. I mean, I’d bet there’s a proper term for it, but every piece of writing has a personality and over time you can see a definite and consistent personality emerge that can be associated with a particular writer (good or bad).

And, I’ve had people try to figure out my personality over the years both online and in person. I’m sure you have too. It’s fun to be understood and there’s a great deal of fun in understanding others.

So, just in case you’re curious, if I were to try to describe myself I’d say that I’m a great deal like Katharine Hepburn, personality-wise. Now, that’s the actual personage and not the characters she depicted on screen. And this is a description that comes from people who know me well (and in person) telling me I remind them of her since I was a teenager and from what I can see of myself that I recognize in her personality (with a few exceptions, of course, like I’m very interested in motherhood, I’m straight and I’m not a devoted Democrat, etc., etc.)

BUT does my writing reflect that personality or not? I doubt it, and that’s where I know I need to improve. Again, there’s a reason I made this blog so informal. I know my writing is mostly ok but I have things I want to polish before I truly try to “put myself out there.”

And, it should be noted that I don’t look like Katharine Hepburn. So I’m guessing that many people who follow me on Instagram and see my photos will be thrown off by this because I doubt they would have imagined someone who has a personality like Ms. Hepburn when they interact with me. But I do wonder what some of them would think… I hope sharing this might be useful to those who have enough empathy to care and want to be able to relate to the real person online behind the gallery.

Who does your personality resemble? I can say that off the top of my head, I think there are both a Liz Taylor and a Marilyn Monroe personality type who, I suspect, read this blog. …I also think there’s an Annette Bening… And I could go on but I better not.

Truly though, it is fun and interesting to consider. Isn’t it? And I do need to work on finding my real voice in my words…

Also, I’d like to mention that while Katharine Hepburn has her wonderful qualities, and she was obviously a great actress I would have rather been told I remind people of any number of other people. I’m not flattering myself. Haha. *smiling* Ms. K. Hepburn was actually very unpopular for a while for a reason. She even was labeled “box office poison” for years… I love myself in a healthy way but every time someone has told me that they think I seem like Katherine H. it’s been clear to me that I’m not likely going to be everyone’s cup of tea… But we have to be honest, I guess. *smile* And while the Zelda Fitzgeralds, Grace Kellys, Jackie O.s and Audrey Hepburns of the world are lovely we aren’t all those type of people…