Une Fleur De Chanel


I had seen Une Fleur De Chanel only a handful of times over the years on Instagram. It’s a fairly unusual Chanel, all things considered. So, imagine my glee when I was given this bottle by my husband. He had purchased it with one other Chanel (a vintage Antaeus Pour Homme) to either keep or resell. The Antaeus will likely be resold but I’m keeping this. It’s lovely!

At first sniff it’s a somewhat green, fruity/warm but refreshing scent with all the optimistic warmth of some of the early 1990’s scents like Trésor combined with the elegance of a late 1990’s Aqua Allegoria. It’s nostalgic and pretty. But in the drydown you might find yourself taking a second take when you smell the lingering beauty wafting from your skin as it’s very reminiscent of a more recent Chanel: Misia! …Yes, this smells like Misia on my skin. And that’s intriguing considering it’s missing a violet note. But the similarity is striking… I don’t usually comment much on the nose of a fragrance but this has Jacques Polge’s genius stamped all over it.

Anyway, it quite like this one and if I see another bottle I’m scooping it up. I’d recommend you consider it too…

Top notes: Green notes and citruses. Middle notes: Camellia and jasmine. Base notes: Sandalwood.

Nose: Jacques Polge