Living Outside the Box

I left Instagram as some of you may know, but I’m keeping a collection of photos up and my account intact so I can keep an eye on things. I do miss interacting with people but it’s for the best.

After leaving the fragrance community I’m beginning to realize how many bottles of perfume I kept for other people. I think in the back of my mind I was trying to plan a small perfume museum for the future. Ha! But now that I’ve left I’m reevaluating what I own and I think I’ll be selling a few of the bottles I only bought because I knew they meant something to others. And mind you, it’s not that I was keeping them to show off but more or less because I was trying to preserve history. Some are vintage and some are more recent.

Anyway, I’ve realized how much I’ve genuinely loved certain bottles more than others. My Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom and JF Schwarzlose Rausch have been the recent favorites.

On a related note, I’ve come to realize how brutal the last few years of strife online have been to the vulnerable side of myself that I did occasionally show. I’m a bright and sunny soul in a way and I think that was a bit misunderstood. Oh well… Some people are capable of seeing us quickly or taking time to try and others just can’t for whatever reason.

And, I’m curious to see where certain things go in this world. So much is being thrown into the air or twirled around with a wild centrifugal force. I’m hopeful, although I still worry…