Orange Blossom

I took down my other recent post because things improved for the individuals I was writing about and it seemed incorrect to keep a post that put their romance in a negative light on my blog. I’m hopeful for their happiness, in some way.

On a perfume note, I’ve been wearing Chanel Jersey frequently lately but I’m also currently fascinated by orange blossom. It’s a note that’s often found its way into my favorite perfumes, but other than my Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom I don’t have an actual orange blossom fragrance.

…I’ve researched it and it seems Houbignant Orangers En Fleurs is the best choice. I’ve sampled it before and loved it (it’s very similar to Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom) but where Penhaligon’s is especially bright Orangers En Fleurs is more cerebral and green (at least, in my opinion). There are, of course, options by Serge Lutens, Jo Malone, Guerlain and a few other niche houses but overall it seems Houbigant has the one I believe I like most.


And actually, speaking of Houbigant, I’ve also long been fascinated by Quelques Fleurs. It has a storied history and has been favorited by at least a couple of glamorous celebrities. However, every bottle I’ve ever had has left me feeling uninspired. It’s not a deep fragrance in my experience but more light, obviously floral, very vintage and well…somewhat shallow. That being said, I always come to the conclusion that it’s just my skin chemistry or nose missing something special. Or, perhaps, that people enjoy the “on the surface” quality of the scent.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to adding Oranges En Fleurs soon. And, I’m hopeful for my friends…

Update: I bought a bottle of Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs eau de parfum!