I’ve decided on two signature handbags. One is by Louis Vuitton and the other is by Chanel. I also am adding three more signature fragrances to my signature fragrance list alongside Chanel No. 22. While Chanel No. 22 is about 85% of my soul in olfactory form there are a few others that also have traces of my soul in them.

However, I’m not going to tell. At least I’m not going to tell on here… I’ve realized that when people don’t like you many of them will use even your favorite things against you, or perhaps especially so. Now, that doesn’t change reality but it’s an unnecessary unpleasantry in a mixed up world. So, nope. I’m not going to say a word here kids. You dig?

That being said, there are some fragrances that are secretly on everyone’s top list. They might not be your sidekick, signature or indulgence but goodness are they feasts for the soul. Chanel No. 5 comes to mind easily followed by Guerlain Shalimar. Echt Kölnischwasser No. 4711, Narcisco Rodriguez For Her, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Dior J’adore, Maison Francis Kurdjian Baccarat Rouge, and Charles of the Ritz Jean Naté are timeless ones (not all ones I like so much as respect).

At any rate, we all have our favorites. We all have things that sing true goodness to us… And if you haven’t found yours yet keep looking.