This will be my last post on my blog. I tried to distance myself from dangerous people who are violently obsessed with me but they don’t seem to be able to “keep it in their pants.” In other words, there are many of you with a yet publicly undisclosed official psychiatric condition affecting many people under age 60 (currently) or so who no longer have a stable identity (and no, Mark Zuckerberg seems like a fairly decent man so I don’t think this is his evil plot for those of you 1980’s “Diehard Anti-Semetics”). You follow people on social media who you like for normal reasons and then sadly get lost in their world and start to believe that you’re them and they are you trying to steal your life. But that’s the problem… You do exist. You’re just not me and you’re not them either. I’m sorry. And, what’s worse is that you’re a pawn being used in a world you can’t touch except with your souls…

What’s actually going on around you? Focus on that if your mental state allows you to. And for those genuine psychopaths trying to hurt innocent people just know that you are under surveillance by the FBI, the CIA and many other foreign countries (including North Korea) who are tired of your vast nothingness and uselessness.


Update:  For the followers of this blog who are worried about my physical well-being and safety I would like to let you all know that I am fine today and so is my family.  We are alive.