Starting Over

I’ve been advised to start this blog over. Instead of dissecting perfume as my primary focus I’ll muse about whatever comes to mind. Occasionally I may discuss fragrance but mostly I’ll just write about my random thoughts.

First, did you know I adore the English? Ha! I bet, if you’ve read this blog before or take the hint from my title, that that doesn’t surprise you. And, I actually am part English in origin.

For years I’ve been trying to live there.

In college, more than once, I had plans to study abroad in London that were interrupted by something like a change of school or a romantic relationship. Then I was accepted by a university in Wales and had plans to attend when I met my husband and put that plan off…

Thankfully, my husband and I did travel in the UK for a month, but I was heartbroken when we left. Genuinely. And so my quest to cross the pond became more passionate.

Now, with two kids and our own home to tend to it’s even more challenging, but I’m still determined to make it happen. Whether it be another month spent in Europe including the UK every couple of years, six months at a time in London or Dublin or a few years somewhere in that general location, I don’t know. But, regardless, I’m hopeful.

And, I plan to blog here along the way.

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