My love for aquamarines started back in June of 1999.

Every year of my childhood and adolescence we took a trip as a family to visit my grandparents on both my mother and father’s sides. As a child I’d often buy coloring books for the journey and then magazines as I grew older.

One of my favorite choices back then was Town & Country. And in June of 1999 I discovered aquamarines in one of the most beautiful jewelry displays I’ve ever seen before or since (Anita Colero). I’ve even thought about buying that exact magazine again just for those photos.

But, just like the article advertised, it was as if some tropical ocean on a lovely, cool day had found a way to drape itself about you and sparkle. It was instant love.

Here’s a screenshot from the magazine as it’s currently being sold on Amazon (I really might have to buy it.):

…So, even though I adore sapphires and they have a hardness that’s much more desirable for a frequently worn ring, I now want an aquamarine in the ring my husband is making me. Lately I’ve been wearing a pair of aquamarine earrings my mother gave me and it’s been so lovely that it’s not even up for questioning. Aquamarines are also somewhat traditional in marital jewelry anyway.

Here’s the hue I plan find:


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