Last night, after chatting with my husband over a (decaf) espresso from one of our favorite coffee shops, I told him again how much I love aquamarines. And he agreed that they are indeed very lovely…

I think he’s in shock that I no longer want a sapphire though. I’ve been planning on using that gemstone for over a year. And, he knows how much I valued the sapphire’s durability, whereas the aquamarine is comparatively softer.

But I really do love aquamarines… I have for many years.

And…that leads me to my next realization. You see, after perusing through photographs by Anita Colero (she’s the brilliant individual behind the photos that were taken of the aquamarines for Town & Country) I saw a Gucci photographed with its signature bamboo handles for my favorite department store, Neiman Marcus. It was tremendous, and in that moment I knew that a Gucci would be my “it” bag.

Now, I had thought that a Gucci was possible as my signature “forever bag” a couple of years ago. I’ve loved Gucci for a while and actually have a black ostrich Gucci Jackie that I bought for $900.00 (incredibly good price!) used, but good condition from either The Real Real or Fashionphile about a year and a half ago (I can’t remember which site it was). But, again, now I know. …And I think the black top-handle Dionysus is my it bag (other than the very usable and casual Noé).

I’m going to take a short trip to either Chicago or Seattle to buy it within the next year and a half as I want to buy it directly from a brick and mortar Gucci boutique and not at Nordstrom’s (where I live) or online.

Not the Hermès Kelly 28? Nope. I plan to buy one of those in the next few years, but it’ll just be for fun. Not a Chanel top-handle? No. I love the look of Chanel and Chanel fragrances and beauty products in general are very much one of my loves but the bags, as lovely as they are, are not my signature aesthetic.

So far my “luxury” handbag collection (I have a couple of Kate Spades, a Longchamp Le Pliage, a leather Coach from the 1960’s, a non designer alligator top-handle from the 60’s, and a few other vintages) consists of my Gucci Jackie, the monogram Noé I bought used from Fashionphile for about $750 and a monogram Speedy 25 I also bought used from Fashionphile for a little over $500.

…And on a side-note I have to say that I refuse to use the term “pre-loved”. Ha! It’s just a used bag… Now, that being said, there are benefits of a used bag besides the reduction in price. I just find the term “pre-loved” pretentious and gimmicky.

But truly, on the positive side: The vachetta on used Louis Vuitton bags already has a lovely patina. Also, you don’t have to deal with difficult salespeople and people don’t look at you carrying an old luxury handbag with the same disgust they do when it’s new. (There I said it) When you carry a new luxury bag there’s a stigma attached of over-indulgence whereas an old bag in very good condition just looks like a pretty, quality bag. It might have been somewhat expensive but it isn’t as much now. $540 for an old Speedy in very good shape is not cheap, but it’s not the same as paying $1,000. And people have visceral reactions to seeing things that they label obviously “expensive” so it’s emotionally less draining to just buy an older bag (and it saves money!).

However, new, pristine bags are nice and it can be fun to shop at a luxury boutique (unless you have an annoying SA). So, I do have a plan to buy a new Noé (two Noé bags is a good plan for me) and a new Alma from the local Louis Vuitton. Other than those and the Kelly that’s all I plan to buy other than the Dionysus though. *smile* As much as I love bags it feels icky to buy too many more. And by icky I mean genuinely overly self-indulgent. I might buy a luxury pouch or wallet but no more actual bags. …But isn’t the Dionysus lovely?!

(Photo from Bagatyou.com)

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