Reupholstery and Wine

A while ago I bought two late 1960’s/early 1970’s Queen Anne chairs at auction. Their shape is fabulous but their fabric is…slightly hideous. We recently bought a rather large vintage velvet sofa that’s a fairly pretty apricot color from an antique store and that piece can be mostly left alone. But, the chairs need help. They have a floral pattern of yellows and browns that reminds me of the dead fall leaves I’m still picking out of our gardens. Yuck!

For the moment they’ll have to be out in the open because I don’t want to store them someplace but I’ve already started to make plans for them. I talked to a local design studio and they said they’d assist in picking out the right fabric, come pick them up from our house and redo them. Easy! And I find this prospect a little exciting. I love a good “before and after”.

…And I’m getting carried away with remodeling ideas. Our kitchen was done (well) in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s I think (?) and it’s still fairly clean and elegant in its aesthetic and appeal. That being said, it’d be fun to change a few things, like the floor. But, my real long-term thrill will be putting in a wine cellar in the basement. *grin* There’s already a perfect spot for it that’s cool and dark.

It won’t be a huge wine cellar but it doesn’t need to be. I’m the only one in our family who drinks alcoholic beverages and we rarely have guests visiting us who imbibe either. Still, I want it done right so it won’t feel dated in ten years. Below are a few ideas I found (yes, on Pinterest) and photos of my chairs:

(Please excuse the mess of vinyl on the floor as my son collects records. Also, I’m missing an orchid from the mantle, but there’s a recently trimmed old-fashioned peony.)

I want the cellar to be a combination of these two…

P.S. One of the last owners of our home was visiting the neighbors today (my husband saw her) and wouldn’t you know it we need to mow the lawns and there were a few peonies I needed to trim. *grimace* I can only imagine what she might have thought. Oh dear. *sigh*

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