Ghosts of Chicago

I’ll be in Chicago soon as part of our family journey back East and finding the right place to stay there has been slightly problematic. First of all, bed bugs have been a reoccurring major issue for that city off and on for years. Those bugs have been everywhere in Chicago. The most elegant to the most dreary spots have had them.

Secondly, there’s the issue of crime. Shootings, muggings etc. seem to be a genuine concern if you plan to stay inside the city limits. Walking outside your four star hotel might bring you to the site of a drive-by murder on (a not rare enough) occasion.

And of course, there are…well…unseen elements to consider too. Some might disparage the whole thing but I’ve sensed entities of that nature my whole life (and no, I’m not just insane) and I’m unlikely to rest comfortably in certain hotels. While I love the grand beauty and charm of the most historic properties, I don’t want to be woken up at 3am to the sound of a demon or a pushy, angry ghost (?) trying to get my attention.

…Do you believe such things exist?

You know, my father has a B.A. with a double-major in sociology and anthropology from an old Midwestern university and a separate degree (I can’t recall the title) from a Christian college specializing in missionary studies. And in order to get his second degree he had to do an internship ministering at a men’s halfway-house in the late 1970’s? Maybe it was the early 80’s. Anyway, the half-way house was in a part of a town dating back to the 1800’s or so and the house was obviously very old.

One night, he was returning very late to the house, and was alone when he heard footsteps on the first floor. He went down to investigate, thinking it was a robber but found nobody so he went back upstairs to go to sleep. But then he heard the footsteps coming closer, eventually going up the stairs, and he started to freak out. After shutting himself in his room, he heard the doorknob twist and thinking it must have been a robber he pretended (shouting) to have a gun. But, of course, nobody was there in the sense we currently consider physical (by consensus scientifically). Instead it was something “unseen” and he quickly realized this and exited the house in a hurry.

Naturally, he was terrified. And naturally, that story is enough proof to me (along with my own experiences) that there’s a lot that we don’t generally acknowledge or understand. And, no, my father does not (nor did) have a mental disorder/illness that creates such things/experiences.

…So, we’re staying outside of Chicago. We might go into the city during the day to see lovely things, but we certainly are not staying there overnight.

Actually, one night my husband and I left a bed and breakfast in the Midwest after checking-in because it felt so awkward. It was a Victorian home that was lovely until you entered one specific room (unfortunately the one we were given) and that room just felt…really hostile and oppressive.

On another night we left a very old bed and breakfast in Penzance (in the UK) because my husband saw a blue light bouncing over my head and I felt a touch that didn’t come from him. It was actually a funny experience though, come to think of it.

That night, in Penzance, I was having a fight with my husband and I kept praying that God would give me a sign to let me know if my husband was being honest about something, as that would mean I was wrong and needed to apologize for misunderstanding the situation we were discussing. I wanted to enjoy my time with him so I purposely made the sign one that was romantic. Well, eventually I felt this soft, comforting and loving touch that was exactly what I had been praying would happen (through tears) and I was happily shocked.

At first I was sure it was my husband as it felt like a man was touching me. It also felt somewhat familiar. But…it wasn’t my husband because a minute or two after I felt it I asked him, “Did you just touch me?” (We were fighting from a slight distance in our room with the lights completely off) and he said very matter of factly, “No.” Then he told me that he had seen a blue light that didn’t seem to come from anywhere bouncing around my head in the dark (but had decided to ignore it out of his own innate skepticism).

…We spent the rest of the night in the car after that, but looking back at it, I almost wonder if that was a ghost with a sense of humor and quite a personality. And my husband was actually being honest, so the sign wasn’t incorrect. Was it a ghost listening and trying to be helpful? …Either way, the fight ended.


I don’t believe it was God, of course, touching me romantically (although I was praying to God) and I don’t believe “God” consists of only ghosts (I’m a Christian), but I do wonder if ghosts are souls in purgatory? Maybe?

Some, also of course, would say all entities are just in our imagination and others that all entities are real but demonic or angelic. I’m a Christian so I don’t think it’s just our minds…but I’m not convinced (as some Christians are) that ghosts are all just a bunch of demons or angels. Now, that doesn’t mean you should assume you know which is which, and who is who, I don’t think. That seems very dangerous. But, I do wonder about it all and someday I’m likely to find out. So are you.

In the meantime, I won’t stay in a hotel where the 1900’s version of a wary, depressed immigrant jumped out a window while we’re in the middle of the immigration crisis we are today. Doesn’t seem wise. Also, I want quality, up-to-the minute air conditioning.

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