Random Thoughts

Floridita! Doesn’t that just sound nice?

It reminds me of the vacation I took in college to Disney World. I stayed with a dear friend in Augusta, Georgia for spring break and then her parents decided to take everyone to Disney World. It was…so much fun. Generally I don’t like amusement parks or the like…but that was an exception.

And it makes me think of two things: Emory University and skirts. Yes. Random, I know.

I was thinking of attending Emory for law school back then and after a bumpy flight to Augusta I laid in bed at my friend’s parent’s house in a cool but cozy guest room sipping iced tea and reading about Emory. It was my first time meeting them and staying at their place but they made me feel very at home. They just let me lay there in silence for hours while I recovered from motion sickness. It was peaceful. They were truly some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met, although the parents of several friends were all very lovely…

AND I wore this cute skirt back then and by goodness…I wish I could find one like it. It was my favorite clothing item.

Floridita is a pattern by Lilly Pulitzer. I love Lilly Pulitzer… And I wish they sold Floridita in a skirt. …But currently they sell skorts and not in Floridita… Now, that being said, I do plan to go to one of the brick and mortar stores and try on a Lily Pulitzer skort just to see if a skort is as hideous as I remember it being, but I’m not optimistic. *sigh*

But thinking of Florida makes me think of my father… My dad owns a cabin at a lake and goes up there frequently in the spring, summer and fall and this weekend he said he’s going there with a very good friend who has cancer. My father and him like to use his Jet Ski or their ATVs to explore the trails but my father said that his friend might not be entirely up to it this time… (Riding on a Jet Ski requires a decent amount of coordination if you don’t want to fall off.) And it’s heartbreaking. They’re so close and I can’t imagine my father not having him to have fun with. They have a lot of good times. …

But, it’ll be nice to see my husband’s family soon. His father has a cabin/house at a lake but it’s on the East Coast so obviously it’s too far to travel to for a weekend. …Actually we won’t even see my father-in-law this time, but we will see many other people and that will be very nice! Very nice indeed…

Floridita. Wouldn’t it make sense to wear Floridita with Orangers En Fleurs!? I think so.

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