Grown Alchemist

So, we stayed in this very chic boutique hotel during our vacation. It’s fairly new – it opened in 2017 – and it’s won awards every year since opening, which is great. It deserves it. The hotel took a very historic property in the heart of a historic old district and restored it well. Kuddos!

And, part of the charm of this location was its attention to detail. For example: we were given Grown Alchemist products to use (and we stayed there more than one day so I truly sampled them).

This! This was my favorite… This shampoo was a lovely!

The lather was fantastic! Soo good. And the smell? My goodness. It was…well… It was all about the Damask Rose, but it was an herbal and refined rose note so it was far from unpleasant.

I quite liked it and my hair adored it… I need to consider buying a bottle.

This body cleanser was also lovely. It foamed well. It smelled soothing. And, it was rosy. But, it was more than nice.

I’m not terribly into body gels but if I was, I’d hop on board and buy some. It felt like a spa moment when you used it.

Rosemary! Wonderful product, but wow! Rosemary… Lots and lots of rosemary.

Perfect. The conditioner smoothed out my hair (that I’m trying to grow out) and yet didn’t weigh it down and, of course, it smelled lovely. Lots of rosy goodness (notice the theme of rose). I’m recommending it to you and myself as I write this.

…Super duper sudsy. This stuff lasts. And it smells faintly of the notes listed in the most unobtrusive and happy way.

SO! I’m very, very intrigued by this sensually blessed Australian company now. AND, given my experience with them, their skincare products are particularly of interest…

More to come!

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