Have you ever planned something carefully and then had your mother suggest something otherwise? And instead of feeling angry you felt relieved? Mum knows best.

Tonight I was told firmly that the Hermès Sac Dalvy is “my bag” by my mum. She knows that I like the Gucci Dionysus but…she also knows me. I am her daughter and…sometimes a mother knows certain things without entirely having clear facts to support it. Apparently the discontinued Sac Dalvy is much more in line with my shape and my style according to her.

I love it.

…And then I also cried tonight about something sad going on in our overall family and decided to buy a couple of products from Grown Alchemist and Luckyscent. One of the products from Grown Alchemist is for hair. I’m currently experimenting with not cutting my hair, indefinitely… So I decided a decent conditioner was wise. We’ll see.

But…what about this bag?! I’m still going to at least try on the Dionysus (I haven’t yet) though. AND it’ll be a challenge to find a Sac Dalvy in good condition in the right color, but maybe not that much of challenge? *sigh* Either way, I know she’s not wrong.

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