Turtle Twist

I want to buy a pair of diamond studs that cost around $2,500.00 and a watch for $2,400.00. I want to buy a bag that costs around $1,500.00, another one that costs around $5,000.00 or more and a wallet for $800.00.

I also want to redo the basement, kitchen and (wine cellar) etc. All totaling around maybe $70,000.00 to $100,000.00.

And…it’d be lovely to take a vacation to Europe. A nice vacation. That could be around $10,000.00 or $15,000.00 very easily. We also need to invest more in our retirement and etc.

At this point people know so much about me and I’ve been through a lot because I overshared in the past so I thought, “what difference does it make?” if I share this. Right?

Anyway…we have inherited or gifted money, we have our own very small business and then there’s my husband’s career. And the latter is where we can add some hard work and make my dream list a reality. His actuarial career is going fairly well. Living in our part of the Midwest, as opposed to making more in Boston or Seattle we make about $130,000.00 a year with the bit from our small business added but not the rest of it (it wouldn’t be that much less, however, elsewhere). But it can even go much better. Yup. I just “went there”. Oh well. *rolling eyes*

The thing is actuaries can easily make over $200,000.00 a year. We’re friends with people our age who are actuaries and do much better than that. And there are a decent number who eventually make over $300,000.00. If you work your way up you can even make around $500,000.00. (If you’re a young person looking for a career and you can do it, as it’s not an easy path overall, think about it… ).

It’ll be hard work for both of us because they’ll be longer hours for him and therefore I’ll have more burden to bear around the house, with the kids and etc. But I’ll only live this life once and why not?

Or maybe not… *sigh* But it’s worth a shot. Wish me good luck or go poke your eye out. *wink* And, for those who have ever been silly enough to think we don’t work, well, we do… Hard. Ha!

And yes, my husband wants these things too. I’m not just pushing him. *rolling eyes and sighing*

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