The Gucci Jackie And Other Enigmas

So, I’ve written that I’m going to sell or give away my black ostrich Gucci Jackie. And until today, I was sure of it. But then I wore it because it was a hot day and it felt cooler than plastic canvas next to my skin, but more fun than my leather Kate Spade. I paired it with a very casual cotton red tank, a denim skirt (I found one!), my pearl studs and my Sam Edelman calf hair sandals. My fragrance was my Kabarett Krigler 216 (a slightly cool but full, bright and buoyant floral that works best on my skin in humid heat). It was very enjoyable.

…And people seem to like when I wear the Gucci Jackie. I get pleasant glances directed at my outfit. But, in my part of the Midwest, even though monogram Louis Vuitton is actually less expensive than most Gucci, people have a dislike for it that I always sense when I wear it (I like it anyway). Actually, they might have similar attitudes about Bimmers…

But anyway, I’m not getting rid of the Jackie. It’s nice and pleasant to wear on occasion. So…never mind to that one.

And that’s my final decision on that.

(Here I am holding my daughter’s bottle with my Gucci Jackie.)

Also, what the heck is happening in New York City?! I feel like it’s almost gone back in time to the 1970’s or early 80’s again. So depressing. …I wonder if it’ll get worse or if we’ve reached the bottom.

But actually, it’s been a peculiar summer overall. What do you think?

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