Haters Gonna Hate

I just received a very unusually brave and honestly moving message on Twitter. Apparently someone found me there and decided to write me a message from their anonymous account. They asked me to share this message and I think it’s a fair thing to do (even though I’m blocking their account for boundary reasons that I hope they’d understand) so here it is:

Hello dear. I am one of those heaters you like to write about. I just want you to know that I’m reading your blog every day. I don’t like you. You make me feel bad about myself. I also felt that way when I followed you on Instagram too.

I keep to you because you are smart, beautiful and I like your thoughts. You are not a bad or mean person and I think most honest haters would agree to that sentiment. Yet I still must hate you.

You are unaware of your affect. I think you should know. You are really not a mean type of lady. But you bother us and you should be more humble. Not most are as lucky as you or as you call it a background like you. You do not need to explain it but I see why you did. People did try to one up you with what they have out of their hurt pride and because the world is very unjust. Being more kind to know that they only felt inferior because they want to be you or lucky not because you don’t deserve good things or love.

It is impossible to be comfortable when I talk to you. Maybe you do not know that you make people feel uncomfortable and I do not think you can be different. Nobody can completely be different and we must all be strong.

Do not try to figure us out. People who hate you are not all evil or sick. We are only human. You said it right when you said that we know we are wrong and we don’t understand you too. Oh well, as you would say. *sigh*

Sorry if I scare you. Please don’t be angry. I am trying to give you wisdom. I would like it for you to share this with everyone on your blog. The haters who are smart need to be explained on your very lovely blog by one of them. You’re welcome.

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