Those Ones

(Photo in our backyard)

A friend sighed deeply before saying with conviction, “Look!” as she pointed at a white, elegant, Co turtleneck sweater. I looked at it for a second before saying, “That reminds me of something Jackie O. would have worn.” in an admiring tone. “Exactly!” she replied.

Her point was that when you have an admirable style people are going to want to copy you in healthy and unhealthy ways, and occasionally they may want to rip you apart. She thinks I’m like that – I have “sexily good style”, as she describes it very kindly – and so I need to be more understanding towards some people. I need to empathize with their admiration. It was an exceedingly nice compliment and a fair point and I have a very hard time doing that.

Then I realized a few more rather meaningful things from Caroline Calloway’s art… Good golly. It’s a theme these days.

…We really do have a right to exist in God’s Universe, thank you…

I love her posts that encourage valuing your own essence due to its inherit worth. And it’s a worth due to our innate humanity and not due to some arrogant token we’ve earned through the current definition of perfect. Your feelings and perspective on your life experiences actually, really, genuinely, sincerely…matter. And while all of that seems like something that’s so much a given, in these days I think people commonly aren’t as healthy as they were or could be, and it’s good but unusual to read such sanity affirming material. Really, I think it’s depressingly rare. Although on a positive note, kuddos to her for actually being that rare voice…

I do wonder though why she gets so much flack for what she does. It’s odd to me. I mean, she truly reminds me of many of the wiser adults I knew growing up or saw somewhere on television maybe… Ha!

There were people as vibrantly confident in being themselves and lovingly progressive, who would have been hated today…apparently? (They’re probably in their 80’s or 70’s?) …I mean, occasionally Oprah even had that same vibe… And Caroline’s a very talented artist but…it’s not like she’s genuinely just recklessly crossing these terribly taboo and grim social boundaries (at least constantly). She’s just making deep art, mistakes, beauty in general and growing… ?

Maybe she’s also “hard to talk to”? as I apparently am? *puzzled face* But really, I wonder if it’s more that when people start being honest it brings the listener to a place of their own truth and some people don’t want to think about certain things. Maybe they don’t feel as “lucky” as they want to be (reference to message) or they just know that something they can’t handle is lurking… Loneliness? Their own narcissistic tendencies? Rejection? Pain? …Hmm. It’s hard to be around too much sincerity when you’re not ready for your own truths? Perhaps? It’s easier to attack it and/or try to silence it. Where a lot of people nowadays want to totally ignore the elephant in the room Caroline paints it, places a crown of roses on its head, dances with it and then gives it a proper name. The elephant develops a sense of self… She befriends it.

…But… Thank God for art.

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