Chanel For July

One more post for today.

I love Chanel. And since there isn’t a Chanel Boutique here I have way too many of their boxes. It’s so hard to throw them away. They’re meant to be used again, it feels.

Recently I ordered mascara and a lip/cheek color. I love them. And, of course, being Chanel they added some rather luxurious samples.

This Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence is nice. It truly moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling slimy in any way. The downside, and there is one sadly, is that it’s somewhat heavily perfumed and on my skin that translates to minor breakouts.

Now, it’s not a bad smell. It’s elegant. But, while I do plan to use it it won’t be during this sweaty sort of time when my skin already is edgy.

As you may guess, I’m unlikely to purchase this.

Oh Sublimage. I’ve been sampling the Chanel Sublimage La Crème Yeux for years. And every time I do I always like it. I always notice it making a difference. And yet, I never buy it. I think the thing is, it’s, again, so fragranced. And being a person who tries to limit my exposure to possibly negative chemicals as much as possible I just can’t bring myself to purchase it. *sigh* But, it is nice! Truly.

Chanel Inimitable… This mascara is good. Very good! It’s excellent at adding definition, length and separation while not creating anything but a beautifully natural look. I love it. I may buy it again.

I really like Tata Harper Lip and Cheek product as it’s easy to blend, looks natural and is so flattering. I’ve used it for years. But recently I went back to powder again and I’ve learned that I’m sticking to cream blushes and that ilk from now on.

This Chanel Hydrating Lip and Cheek Sheer Colour is lovely. It too looks natural and pretty. And it’s also easy to blend. I do think I might prefer Tata Harper, but we’ll see.


Also, I had the weirdest thought today.

*Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons is playing*

I think I might actually have a connection to Caroline Calloway. I don’t plan to ever look into it too much or tell Ms. Calloway this, but I’d bet we have some connection through Harvard or…Lincoln, Nebraska.

My father-in-law went to graduate school at Harvard (not likely to be a connection but you never know) and his first cousin, who he spent every Saturday with while growing up, is a professor there and graduated from there (more likely connection). And I have family members on my side who graduated from there too (also possible connection). And there are likely other ones I can’t think of… (Her father and, I think (?), an uncle or aunt graduated from there.)

But the most likely connection is Nebraska. One of my aunts and her husband (he grew up in Nebraska) live in Lincoln and have for decades. And they have kids around Caroline’s age and the age of the cousins she recently shared about there. And…the way she describes these people makes me think they could easily be in the same church or have other social connections. The University of Nebraska for example…

Anyway, I find it cool since I’ve been so encouraged and uplifted by her art and I’m clearly a fan, but also…odd. I had followers in the United States for years on my old account and we never had any possible connections quite like that. I mean, occasionally they would have family in Minnesota, and one lady had relatives from England who lived in Georgia in the 1800’s (as some of my English origin ancestors did) but Georgia and Minnesota are big states and always mostly have been and the connections were less certain (although the Georgia connection held a bit more water).

Her story about lip-synching to Christian Rock music with her cousins is creepily similar to my own experience with my (first) cousins from Nebraska. Except we lip-synched to early 1990’s Christian Rap (I’m a bit older) in live performances for family. We also did accompanying dances. Ha! …And, I’m telling you, although it might not seem like a big deal to have in common, it somehow just seals my suspicions and it would actually surprise me if her cousins or relatives don’t know my family somehow (or my uncle’s family). I have a weird gut feeling about it.

*creepy silence*

And…it just makes me wonder. From an anthropological standpoint. What really makes it so very nice for me to read her posts everyday?

I mean, today she mentioned an ex who’s family owned a lake. I have a dear friend from college who’s family also owns their own lake and it was lovely visiting there once. And, I have a feeling that that’s not something most people see, unfortunately. And I’ve been to some of the same places in London she has gushed about going to with ex boyfriends and went with my husband and loved it myself (ie Maggie Jones’).

…Go ahead and find me annoying, but I’m being serious. And my final point is this: Is it possible that there are translation issues among some people that aren’t currently that discussed or analyzed? At least not widely enough.

Yes. I think yes.

And I truly believe that the United States is particularly suffering from a lack of acknowledgment of this right now. We have sooo many different groups (intentionally vague word) of people and it’s so very complex because of our unique history. Perhaps we need to stop assuming we all totally “get” each other here just because we come from the same country and speak the same language. And it’s not just a racial or regional thing. Right? It’s…more a bunch of other types of subcultures. And I don’t feel compelled to analyze it more here on my blog because I don’t want to offend people who don’t understand that I genuinely am looking at this from an abstract, objective vantage point.

Anyway…maybe she speaks my language.

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