Lately, after discovering Grown Alchemist, I have developed a desire to smell roses. GA uses a lot of roses in its products and you find yourself wanting more.

I love everything I purchased from them, by the way. The brightening serum is superb! It has already made a difference in the few days I’ve used it. And the hair care products are very lovely. I’m definitely going to try more from this line. They just feel so nice when you use them too. It feels akin to when you eat healthy food and your skin relaxes and is happy.

We’re still moving into our house, really. It’s mostly together but we’re still sorting through everything and figuring it all out. It was a big move. A huge shift. And we’ll likely still be settling in until the fall.

In the meantime, life unfolds.

Our neighbors gave us some of the zucchini from their gardens and I’m about to go harvest some of my basil to make zucchini noodles. I’ll add the recipe to this post by this afternoon. It’s a recipe I’ve been making since high school and supposedly it’s French inspired, at least.

Today I’m wearing J. F. Schwarzlose Rausch and I’m recognizing that it is indeed similar on my skin to Baccarat Rouge 540. Except it’s also less sweet. 540 is really very sweet… And I’m afraid that while 540 is not shy of gorgeous I actually do prefer Rausch. It’s calmer. In my opinion, at least.

My father told me that his first cousins have property near his cabin and they like to camp out there, but apparently a black bear home was found three miles from both my father’s cabin and their property. And actually, they were sleeping when a bear came up to them and leaned over them, startling them from sleep. They froze, the bear left and they’ve been camping in their camper ever since, but that’s obviously not desirable. Poor bears. Poor cousins.

My father is often inviting me to visit their estate here as they have somewhat regular family parties there but I’ve never done so… I’ve also never visited their property near the lake or my father’s cabin, actually. Although he’s offered to let us stay there and drive us around in his large golf cart (that’s how they tend to get around there and they even decorate their golf carts and have decorating competitions) many times. Ha! But we never have… And, even though my father has a decent cabin that should be safe, now I’m thinking that the semi-nearby bear cave isn’t a wise combination with my young and very busy kids. Oh well…

Tonight I’ll be smelling Rausch, drinking my iced Good Earth Tea (I use about 4 sachets, one black tea sachet, add honey and fresh lemon and lots of ice.) And, for whatever reason, listening to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”. It hears my soul right now.

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