A friend recently told me something I find useful. They shared a heartbreaking story about an aquamarine breaking on a marble floor. Apparently the circumstances under which this gem broke are a little funny from a human standpoint, but if it’s a little comedic it’s equally tragic since it was a family heirloom. *grimmace* Lost connections to beloved and sadly deceased family members are always so sad.

And so, I’m reconsidering my earlier plan to use an aquamarine in my ring from my husband. I had already been questioning it but this was the “last straw”.

I do LOVE aquamarines but maybe something less likely to be broken given frequent use would be safer. …I do have those aquamarine earrings but it’d be fun to have maybe a bracelet or pendant? We’ll see. But…I need something more hardy. Literally.

Diamond? Yes. Obviously.

Sapphires are lovely…appropriate…and I had a blue one from Ceylon as my plan for a long while. But, I’m finding myself drawn to a diamond. They’re very, very sturdy. Obviously. …And they really do work with everything you could pair them with. They’re popular for a reason.

I’m thinking of a square emerald cut. Or, a princess cut. Or…an asscher cut. It needs to be square, of course.

…But I want it to be around for longer than I am. And if that friend who shared the story of the lost gemstone is reading this, thank you. You accidentally warned me. I appreciate it.

My generation doesn’t like to use diamonds in marital rings, but there often is some common sense in certain conventions… *shrug* The following are screenshot photos from Google of the various cuts I’m considering for reference.


Square Emerald Cut

Princess Cut

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