A Ballroom

Due to the influence of my favorite non-fragrance online “smol” individual I’ve been thinking a great deal about ballrooms. I’ve been exploring her gallery lately and discovered that Ms. Calloway’s Great Aunt had her debut at the Waldorf Astoria.

Here are two photos from Pinterest of the Astoria to help paint images in your mind:

…My Norwegian ancestors weren’t enjoying such social splendor back then (pre WWII). Well, if you go back before the Civil War you’d likely find something rather grand on my mother’s side indeed, but of course it wasn’t until my grandfather’s generation (he went to Juilliard, UCLA, helped invent things, composed famous music and eventually became a judge) that we returned from the devastation of the 1860’s.

However, I have heard stories before.

One of my mother’s dear and oldest friends had a neighbor at her cabin who grew up in glory. I have a feeling he’s since passed but he used to share gardening tips and tell beautiful memories to my mother’s friend. And, his childhood house had a ballroom. By ballroom I mean a genuine ballroom.

You know… Like this (also from Pinterest):

Actually, I think our friend met him through a lake rose society. His name was Henry, or Walter… My goodness. Maybe he’d be over a 100 by now…


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