This evening I decided to wear Athalia, sip some Merlot and see what happened. *sigh*

I wasn’t going to write another post today, but I cannot resist. This fragrance is one of those very rare exceptions.

When I first sampled it I tried just a bit. The last two times I’ve worn more and been more relaxed. I’ve also worn it around my husband.

I’m buying a bottle.

Athalia and vintage Liu will be my only two fragrances purchases for the rest of the year. Actually, aside from new releases or niche my additions will be less frequent. There are a few dozen rarities I’d like to add. Ever. And then I’ll probably only add one or two vintages here and there if they’re in mint condition.

…But, Athalia. The only other fragrance that’s ever evolved in my opinion so much is Krigler Lovely Pathchouli 55. …Athalia is a little like Orangers En Fleurs only with black lace by candlelight. And on my skin, strangely, an almost styrax-like note emerges after about a half an hour if I’m warm enough. It’s even smoky, actually. It reminds me of vintage Tobac Blond, a little… Hmm. Well, Parfums de Marly, you’re genuinely surprising.

So much for this being a sad, saccharine tragedy.

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