If the United States was a river there would be two natural paths of least resistance. One that takes us to a cutthroat jungle and one that demands incredible amounts of group effort to navigate. Then, there would be a third more man-made path that would require only the smartest and highest levels of maturity, intelligence and cunning on the part of those in positions of power. In other words: the right, the left and the middle.

Many people would like us to try to force the elements into a middle path that avoids sincere group effort but is less dangerous. That’s not a terrible ideal, but given the lack of depth and level of selfishness and egotism of many “powers that be” it seems like a pipe dream. Very unlikely.

…That leaves us with the choice to all collectively read more, be more involved in our communities, get along with even those we don’t have an affinity for and act like the vigilant, moral watch dogs necessary to make the US (remember this is America we’re talking about) a sustainable and safe quasi-socialist country or…we have to let it go…

Let it go? Why, yes. Many Libertarian and Conservative ideals rest on the premise that those truly “in charge” are there due to forces of nature. They may or may not be altruistic but they sure as heck know how to win.

…Honestly, I think that at the core of the problems in the US is this choice. Do we want to move forward and be the country Bernie Sanders would like to live in, do we want to keep Trump and let nature take its course with our hands off the wheel, or do we hope for the best despite misgivings and let someone who seems “nice” take over?

It’s very hard to be in the middle. It’s probably what a lot of people actually want (secretly or openly) but right now, at least, it’s not a natural path…

More specific thoughts later.

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