With The Lilies

…Despite what it might seem, since I’ve been known to throw diamond rings down toilets, over a balcony, out of car windows… Well. Despite what it might seem, I actually don’t have much of a temper. It takes a lot to make me angry. I actually had a manger in college once ask me if I ever got angry as she thought my calm sweetness was unhealthy.

However, I am in a mood.

There are two fairly large flowerbeds in my backyard that need to go. One has tiger lilies and the other hostas and some other flower I can’t find the name of. They’re very old-fashioned, charming and lovely and they match the overall aesthetic the previous owner created in the gardens but we want more lawn in the back. We plan to play lawn sports back there next summer, or maybe even this fall.

AND…my neighbor was chatting with my husband yesterday and we discovered that his backyard used to have roses. His great uncle (who lived there until he was 97) used to have my neighbor help him bury the roses in trenches every fall to protect them for winter (that’s what people do here). And…to much success. So, that encourages me to try to plant roses on the part of my property adjacent to them. I think the sun is good there for roses. There are dozens of other blooms there right now, but I’d like to try roses.

…And my neighbor mentioned that his wife wants to put in a (below ground) pool. They have grandchildren and children who visit and I bet they’d all enjoy it. It would completely change the feeling of the block though. However, it could be elegant if it was done nicely and I bet they would do it that way.

I’m not sure what I think about pools. They can be fun but they’re a lot of work… However, the place they’d put a pool in is very sunny so perhaps it’s begging for one. …And it’s probably right next to wear I’d like to try my hand at roses. Maybe I can provide some olfactory beauty when they take a morning swim. *happy smile*

…But now for the dirty work.

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