This month it’s exactly 20 years after the death of JFK Jr., his wife and her sister, Lauren. And, if you want to understand why Donald Trump is President of the US just read some of the most vile, narcissistic, unfathomably hateful, envious crap written about Carolyn (that statement likely works for all political persuasions). …It’ll make you literally want to vomit if you’re decently educated and over 25.

Maybe 30.

People even accused Jackie O. of being a trashy prostitute (the worst of the 20th Century) in one thread written about them. Yes. Jackie Kennedy

…We are officially living in an idiocracy online, at least. It’s a place where if you sound angry and convinced enough of your opinion people will jump on whatever total nonsense you spout and go on with it. It’s horrifying. Although, given the nature of the internet it is a logical place to have arrived at, I suppose.


I just wish history was taught better in my country (and everywhere). We apparently have no clue about certain things anymore. It’s just one virtue-signaling, unhappy, twisted piece of shit after another. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of genuine empathy and love towards others. I actually hate virtue-signaling because I think it mimics real kindness to the point that people’s character is impossible to assess.

So, I have to say here on my own blog that despite whatever her flaws were, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was exceptional. Let’s be real.

Her style was iconic, much like her mother-in-law’s style. And some relegate that quality off as some quirk of her privilege or surroundings but that’s unfair and dishonest. Perhaps it’s even a self-indulgent statement of self-deceit for a few sad folks. And I do mean sad as in somewhat morose.

No, she had an angelic beauty. She wasn’t Marilyn Monroe as some people probably subconsciously wanted JFK Jr. to marry. Nor was she Jackie as others had hoped for. Or Ethel. Or Joan. Or Rose. …Or even Princess Diana.

She was just impossible. Some call it icy. I call it impossible… But it was impossible in the same way he was. Dark, super handsome, tall prince marries statuesque, sublimely chic, haute-couture-clad-ballerina/model. …And let me remind you that it requires an excruciatingly rare beauty to make sense out of context (she wasn’t quite that)…

Actually though, if you read about JFK’s great loves you do find ladies reminiscent of Carolyn…

…But regardless, I just hope our current culture eventually stops hating anyone who isn’t a doormat or a savior.

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