An Emerald

It’s been a very mixed week.

But, one of the pleasant things was an auction I participated in where I won a 1920’s or 30’s (they listed it as antique but I suspect it’s almost an antique or just barely one) ladies white gold ring setting. It could have been someone’s engagement ring so the missing stone might have been a diamond.

But, at any rate, it seems almost perfect for the loose (natural) Columbian emerald I purchased in 2012 or so. I’ll have my jeweler look at it and hopefully I can start wearing it soon.

But it really is nice to finally have a setting for this gem. I’ve been hoping to place many of my loose stones in a setting for years. There are a few of them that could be in something more playful or at least sterling silver would suffice, but I knew my emerald deserved a better setting. This was fortunate.

Of course, this isn’t my ring from my husband. But, I might wear it on that finger at least occasionally…

More in a bit…

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