An Emerald (Part II.)

My loose emerald tried to escape today. We brought my Columbian emerald and the vintage/antique white gold setting into our jeweler to be sized, set and appraised, etc. and before we even got out of the car it almost disappeared.

I had placed the setting and the stone in an old ring box we got from Weir & Son’s when we were in Dublin, Ireland and Mark opened the box to look at it all as we were getting out of the car. Right away the emerald fell down in a crevice of the car by the driver’s seat. We had to move the driver’s seat to find it and it took a while to search.

Then, when we arrived at the jeweler’s it got stuck inside the box. Somehow it managed to find a way into a weirdly hidden spot. The jeweler had to almost rip apart the whole box to find it.

The good news is that the jeweler seemed to think it’ll be done in two weeks if all goes well. They’ll likely have to adjust certain things and possibly redo certain parts to make it all fit and be truly wearable, but that’s as usual. I’ve been bringing very vintage jewelry into this jeweler for over eight years and from what I’ve seen it’s common for parts of older pieces to have to be reworked or slightly restored. At the very least, metal wears away over the course of decades and one doesn’t want gems to fall out.

(at the jeweler)

But truly, it’s been a weird weekend. Awful and yet filled with nice moments like at the jeweler today. But hopefully I’ll have a charming emerald ring to wear sooner than later. That’s one lovely thing on the horizon.

And tomorrow I’ll start to rip out the flower beds to make room for lawn sports and rose gardens… Oh, and sometime this week I’ll make a post about silver markings.

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