Braces And White Culture (It’s Real Life)

Just to be clear and follow-up from my last post: I don’t think white culture is superior, but I do think it has accomplished a great many wonderful things (along with our atrocities), including the firm establishment of the ideas that make a separate “American Culture” possible. And as we move forward I think we have to learn to give credit where credit is due to white culture and/but also take the overarching “American Culture” as something different and distinct and what we hope to all at least somewhat assimilate to here in the US. …And what is that separate culture? Well, our US laws, of course. Our political system. …But also our pastimes and art and inventions. Baseball, jazz, Rap. Our food. The American pizza. You get the idea.

But of course, if it’s European it’s white. And if it was created in “white America” it might be white culture. Again though, Jazz, Rock…those did start at a time when whites held almost all of the power and were the majority but they’re so much more “American”. They’re not “white American”. Jazz and rock music wouldn’t exist without African and Jewish influence. And the way all of the cultures combined in my country to create those artistic miracles was very “American”. If you want to have hope and see what’s great about usall of us…listen to good Jazz. It’s extremely poetic. It’s life-changing.

But…anyway. Europe is historically Caucasian. European culture is (or was) Caucasian culture. And, of course, in America almost all of our white culture derived from that well. Actually, in my opinion, a lot of “white American culture” is a mix (to varying degrees) of coarsened (traditionally) European culture and liberated (traditionally) European culture. And when I was flying home once from London I actually felt simultaneously relieved and incredibly depressed by that. I thought of what I was “going home to” and I looked forward to certain cultural aspects but became literally sickened by others (and no I don’t think it was just turbulence).

Actually, as newly arrived non-white cultures assimilate more into the American fold I look forward to seeing the improvements that might be made. Maybe something will be much better… *smile smile* For example, (again) I truly cannot imagine life without our music.

And on a different note:

I had retainers for about three years followed by braces for four years. I grew accustomed to dental pain.

Then I had very straight teeth. But, I was utterly exhausted with it all and just “wanted my mouth back”, so along with my depression and undiagnosed thyroid issues, I didn’t wear my retainers. Of course, I’m not saying I wasn’t responsible for what happened next, but there was a cause, per se.

Anyway, my teeth are no longer perfectly straight. Far from it. And now, at 35, I am having problems… One of my bottom teeth is very sensitive and it’s likely from too much pressure being applied there due to my crooked bottom teeth.

So…I’ll be wearing braces. Yes. I’ll be an adult wearing wearing braces. Ha!

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