I’m thinking through a lot right now, so please forgive the following somewhat scattered, possibly redundant paragraphs.

Have you read the manifesto of the shooter in El Paso? It’s…mind-bending how logical and well-spoken he is. And the scary truth is that he speaks more sincerely and clearly than most public voices (pundits) I’ve heard.

Of course, eventually, his words and thoughts drop-off of a cliff and he goes insane…

Now, don’t get me wrong. His conclusions are in error before his moments of total loss, but it’s not as if he doesn’t have an at least semi-rational overall viewpoint or is illiterate.

And the problem is that we ignore his intelligence and real grievances at our peril. We make it all about President Trump in some cheap way. It’s not. For better or worse…it’s not.

President Trump may have tapped into the third rail of American culture that this man stems from and be misusing it, but any other politician could have done the same. As the shooter himself says, he’s part of something that existed long before the current President.

He’s part of a segment of the old, predominantly white America that is indeed slowly fading… And, while some see that fade as a sort of organic thing occurring outside of conscious human intent or some scheme, many in the dying white culture feel that they are losing themselves due to something more nefarious. The shooter was one of those who see real peril and cry conspiracy or attack…

They feel that they’re losing their communities and their very essence. And in some ways…they are correct. That’s the inconvenient truth indeed.

But, it seems that almost nobody wants to acknowledge it publicly in a way that doesn’t stink of racism or that isn’t ultimately about socialism, because… I don’t know? It’s scary to a lot of people?

What if that nice, white, upper-middle class, suburban couple who vote Democrat truly realize that they too are a part of something that’s currently dying off or diminishing slowly? Will they suddenly grow violent and insane too? Will their narcissistic neuroses surface? Do they secretly already hate non-white people and feel in sympathy with these shooters? Subconsciously, are many white Americans feeling threatened?

But regardless, the reality is that white culture is indeed becoming less predominant. Not totally. …But it is losing itself a bit. And you know…there’s nothing that can change that…because we aren’t God and we don’t truly have that much control. And no war or battle of any sort fought for nihilistic reasons or with strains of nihilism (as an “overt race war” would be) ends well for those who feel blighted and start it.

…When babies that aren’t white are created and born we have to celebrate that life. Just as we should celebrate the birth and creation of the white lives. We are all God’s creation. Not God.

Again, the fears of culture being lost to history aren’t what’s insane. And in fact, people would be quick to ironically point out the many decimated cultures at the hands of whites. The shooter himself did that. But what’s also true though, of course, is that that’s part of being a human.

Things change. People die. Time moves on indifferently. Recognizing all of that is part of keeping our sanity. It’s also part of valuing what we have before it’s gone.

And it’s important to treasure things of actual value like beauty, and truth, and love. Meaning… And if another culture doesn’t do things the way we like or is wrong in some manner, the way to answer that isn’t with mindlessness and evil. It’s with reason and more truth.

We need to slow ourselves down (in a good way) and process things…

You know, my mother’s father’s family helped start this country. They were as white as a lilies. And…if there’s anything I know it’s that…life is usually either incredibly harsh and we have to fight for every second of genuine happiness and/or if there’s a real God who rules everything then we’re simply living in a lost world doing our best but desperately in need of a savior. No human culture is perfect. No human culture is above God. And no human is either.

Thankfully, God, if He exists, is actually loving. And I believe He does… If I’m wrong and He doesn’t, I don’t think I should be. How’s that?

No, but…things change. Pain is real. Inequality exists. But losing our minds doesn’t help us, our causes, our loved ones, or our future…

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