Pink and Mint

I really, really do love gemstones. Last night I actually spent hours just perusing jewelry stores online for fun. Like I wrote once on this blog a while ago, I thought very seriously about being a gemologist in my late 20’s. My speciality would have been diamond grading.

When I first started collecting gems I always sought out the most natural and pristine. I have a few of those (like the emerald I wrote about), and I still refuse to buy lab created diamonds, but…I did start to indulge in lab created emerald, sapphires, and rubies. I love the fact that you can buy a genuine ruby (lab created is not to be confused with imitation) for a teeny tiny fraction of what you’d pay for the mined variety in a similarly exquisite state. It lets you play around with the stone and have fun.

For more than one Valentine’s Day my husband has given me semi-kitschy heart jewelry. We have lots of fun with the very tacky side of that holiday. I have about $500 worth of heart-shaped, lab created stones set in white gold and sterling silver from my favorite “Mall Jeweler” Helzberg. And while I rarely wear them usually, every Valentine’s Day they come back out and I have a merry time.

Actually though, I really do love the other jewelry I’ve purchased from there too. I have a green amethyst and diamond ring accent set in white gold that we paid about $475 for:

And then a pink sapphire in either white gold or sterling with side white sapphires we paid around $75 for?

(I used to have other pieces of jewelry from there that I threw. *awkward smile*)

However, my green sapphire was repurchased about two or three times from Helzberg. I have extremely vivid memories of wearing the first one while sitting alone in an exquisite hotel bathroom in Luzern crying and drinking (slowly) directly from a bottle of really lovely of French red wine. Mark and I were at one of our very low points in our relationship (and on vacation together) and in order to get away from him I sat in the bathroom of our hotel room and cried. I wasn’t drunk either… I just needed to get away from him and I wanted to try drinking wine right from the bottle…in a bathroom…while sitting on the floor. Ha. …A glorious bathroom overlooking the lake. It made all me giggle off and on and I was feeling very sad. (After too many bad moments on that vacation that first ring felt ugly and cursed or something of that sort and then, once when Mark very hurtfully lied about something…the ring left my finger and went into a swamp. Literally.)

But I actually like this ring a lot. Of course, green amethyst doesn’t exist in nature, I don’t think. It’s actually just a certain variety of regular amethyst or yellow quartz treated to turn green. But, no matter. It’s the perfect minty green and it has a smooth, liquid-like, sparkling beauty. I also have one emerald cut loose green amethyst I someday plan to put into a very Art Deco cocktail ring setting.

(my loose green amethyst in a vintage Limoges soap dish)

Now, my favorite things don’t tend to be particularly “pink”. Although, I lived in hot pink as a girl of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I once had hot pink shoes, socks, headband, shirt and shorts that I’d even wear all at the same time. But…my tastes took a dramatic shift at around 10 and I started liking more quietly elegant pieces.

IF I was a lady who still loved that “pink aesthetic” with a signature fragrance of say…Guerlain La Petit Robe Noire or French Kiss, I’d be wild about my pink sapphires. And actually, I did have a childhood friend a little bit like that who chose a natural pink sapphire for her engagement ring and then a matching pink sapphire eternity band for her wedding. Her absolute favorite fruit was even strawberry because it fit into her “pink aesthetic”. And, her rings suited her style like a glove. If I was similar to her I’d request pink sapphire for romantic gifts… Every time.

It’s a pretty type of stone though, isn’t it?

…And I’m off to look more online for fun. I’ll post a link to stuff if I find pretty little pink sapphires or green amethysts worth noting…

Zales Lab Created Pink Sapphire Earrings No. 1

Zales Lab Created Pink Sapphire Earrings No. 2

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