So, a reporter at Vice decided to go for the gossipy angle on Ms. C. Calloway yesterday and it was both hilarious and angering. I lost a lot of respect for Vice

To start, any so-called journalist working for Vice (not the same caliber as the NYT, but still…) should be smart enough to realize how expensive a decent apartment in New York City is (doesn’t she live there too?!). It’s one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. I repeat: The. Entire. World.

$2,600.00 a month (what it appears Calloway pays?) is basically almost nothing there. Seriously. And that’s really nothing in a nice NYC neighborhood for a livable apartment. And, actually, I’ve paid a fair amount more than that in smaller cities for apartments that were considered very nice but not the absolute most expensive in the area.

BUT…of course, the way it was painted in the Vice article was more that Calloway was living above her means in some sort of scary-idyllic luxury abode; flying on a private plane from her balcony to and from her organic grocer and flower shop. *rolling eyes* Then, since the writer of the hate piece found evidence of Calloway failing to pay her rent on time every month, she decided that such extravagant living arrangements were clearly part of Calloway’s innate fakery and her motivation to steal the $160. from the obviously (*rolling eyes*) less fortunate, naïve girls who have to take bus rides from what she thought were lesser places. Places like New Jersey or Maryland (really?) into the big glamorous city to attend Calloway’s for-profit event. *sigh* Why oh why the Vice writer decided these young ladies were all so deprived or such willing fools is weird, unfathomably unaware (parts of New Jersey, for example, are some of the absolute most expensive areas to live in in the US) and says more about the writer’s probable background and gullibility than the ladies there. But really, again, what’s weirder is that the Vice writer didn’t seem to fully comprehend how common it is to pay a lot for rent in New York City. …Or maybe she thinks the Instagram star should just move to Virginia or become a waitress and completely avoid New York rent since she’s occasionally struggled? But those are weird conclusions too, I think… I’d bet Calloway has been able to make a decent wage that was better than many other potential jobs for an Art Historian through her personal online brand (until at least recently). And I doubt moving would be helpful to Calloway almost at all…

*rolling eyes*

…I just don’t understand the level of self-righteousness of some journalists these days. It’s sometimes as if they firmly believe their subjective opinions are God’s truth. And I know they might feel under attack by our current political leadership, and the wages they earn are abysmal and those are HUGE stressors, but…they too often aren’t doing themselves or their very necessary (for our country to survive) profession any favors.

Could it be that people in general are that…unable to see beyond their own experience nowadays though? I wonder. I mean, in the US, we all used to watch the same television shows, listen to the same music…and people talked to each other in person more. So perhaps we had all developed a better sense of reality in the past due to more of a conscious connection between everyone. Perhaps we’re all getting too stuck in our own worlds to relate to anyone who isn’t enough like us.

I see Caroline Calloway and I feel like I “get” her. A reporter from Vice sees her and assumes she’s Donald Trump wearing orchids and sea-shell earrings or the journalist was so heartless and jaded that they ran with their less than honest story knowing it would seem believable given the narrow, touchy tone of our isolated world nowadays. And the anxiety many people seem to have about their status despite what the economy supposedly looks like can’t help either.

Honestly though, reading Caroline’s struggles makes me reconnect with my anger about my own experience. It is beyond annoying when you feel you’re being open and honest (for any reason) to be accused of lying and then when you try to explain to defend yourself or when you stand up for yourself to be demonized for that too. *rolling eyes*

People seem to expect you to take their crud forever and ever and not even blink. Especially if they envy you. If you have what they feel they are rightfully entitled to (By God I guess??) they seem to think it’s your job to let them attack you in some way for having it when they don’t. It never seems to occur to them that their logic is possibly just unfortunately not correct somewhere instead; that the thoughts that are behind their hostile emotions are not quite dwelling in actual reality…

Some people are more than willing to pay over $100 for a simple autograph from a celebrity. If someone wants to pay $160 to sit and watch Caroline be Caroline in person then why is that a problem? In a way you could even look at like going to a performance?

Whatever. I’m just tired of the current culture. It really needs to change.

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