Ardeth litters. And that is the conclusion of the Ardeth saga.

Remember her? The cooking classist? Yes, she’s also a litterbug.

At the last cooking session my friend Laura went to, (also the end of the cooking series), Ardeth just totally ignored her. Laura didn’t attend the party at her house and it seemed to finally distance Laura from Ardeth. Thankfully. But, after the class was over she followed Ardeth out to her car (unintentionally) and watched as Ardeth threw a chewing gum wrapper onto the street next to the upscale kitchen store where the classes were.

And it was particularly weird because it almost seemed to Laura like Ardeth knew Laura was behind her. She even slid slowly enough into her new (she told everyone about her recent purchase in class) black Mercedes C300 in front of Laura while facing her so it seems unlikely Ardeth didn’t notice her noticing. Actually, Laura even felt a little anxious because the situation in the parking-lot just felt odd. So, after Laura was safely in the confines of her locked (2015 Mercedes G Wagon) automobile, she waited for Ardeth to leave first.

Hilariously though, as they were leaving, Ardeth (who was in front) just sat at the exit of the parking lot and waited for almost four minutes to turn and drive into the street. There were no cars coming in either direction. These two black Mercedes just sat there at the exit of this store, with their blinkers on with no cars in sight. Then finally, I guess Ardeth decided to, literally, “move on” so she turned to the right and drove off and that’s the end of that. *laugh*

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