Blue and White

There are many types of “blue and white”. There are Asian “blue and white” pieces and vintage or antique Western ones inspired by Asian Art (Chinoiserie). There is Flow Blue. There are upscale reproductions of the types above and cheaper reproductions. There’s Delft Blue (Dutch). There’s Scandinavian blue and white too. Currier and Ives… The list could go on and on and since I don’t actually collect “blue and white” (with the exception of Kyber and Royal Copenhagen) I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s a quick peak at my “blue and white” although I have more “blue and white” (other types of vintage “blue and white”) in storage and a vintage lamp I’ll not show.

More of my Kyber collection with vintage red and white Chinoiserie, and etc. (detailed more yesterday).

A few pieces from my large set of early 20th Century Phoenixware (made in Japan) among antique and vintage Asian Art, Chinoiseries, antique and vintage cinnabar, and etc.

Just some upscale late 20th Century “blue and white” reproduction Chinoiserie.

But…among all of the types there are I’d most love to someday own (along with a few more sterling silver items) a full set of the Danish classic “blue and white” Royal Copenhagen. It’s such a gorgeous patten.

This espresso cup and saucer have been my only additions so far.

Royal Copenhagen and a full set of Edme by Wedgewood (I have a vintage soup tureen) which is not blue and white of course, are my tabletop ideals. I knew someone once who ate off their vintage Royal Copenhagen regularly and I’ve since realized that it is the pattern for me as well. It’s so innately beautiful and uplifting. Although, I have yet to buy my set. When I do acquire them I’ll donate one or two of my other full china sets.

Which “blue and white” do you love most?

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